Jeep Compass AC issue- $4000 fix?

I’ll admit I know nothing about cars, so that’s how this conversation begins…and no I do not have any type of warranty.
I have a 2017 Jeep Compass that the a/c started blowing warm air towards the end of summer. I live in Ohio, so don’t need to use it year-round. Took it to a small mechanic who said I was low on freon and added the proper amount. Worked temporarily, then started blowing warm air a few weeks later (this was the end of last summer, so stopped using it after that).
Come to March- take it to a Jeep dealer to get the ac repaired before summer. They replaced a/c suction/liquid line assembly. Recovered, evacuated, & charged A/C system. Total on that for parts/labor $1600. Worked when I left but haven’t needed to use it much, until now that the temps are 90s. Started blowing warm air again and making almost a hissing noise when the a/c was turned on. Brought back to same Jeep dealer…After having for 3 days, told me the compressor clutch is not engaging and cost to repair for parts/labor around $2300. Is this normal? Also picked up my vehicle today because they wouldn’t have the part for a few days and see my screen with this mark on the top right corner…Needless to say I’m not really a happy camper right now…

Then get it out of the dealer, and bring the vehicle to an independent shop to get a second opinion.



The Jeep dealer will be by far the most expensive place to get the A/C fixed.

Like Tester said, take it to a local, non-dealer repair shop for a second opinion. Somehow I suspect their price will be around 1/2 pf the dealer’s quote.

Good luck.

  1. Low charge
  2. New suction line? Low charge?
  3. Poor system pressure? Ah, low charge?
    Or, bad compressor?
    Ac repair? Change parts $$$ till it’s fixed
    Dealer has no idea what is wrong. Parts cannon.
    Dealer charged $1600 for suc line and now wants more to replace compressor. Nothing was wrong with suc line. Demand a refund.
    After suc line job the invoice says vent temps are good? That means compressor IS performing as expected.
    Ah, I see. A leaky recharged compressor will work. For a few days. Then stop working.

I agree with Cavell here. Sounds like the dealer threw parts at it to get you on the road again. A slow leak that was not fixed leaks out anywhere from 1day to 1 year. So this time they got caught…

Suc line could have had issue. And now compressor has additional issue.

It is possible the suction line was leaking but not the only leak.

After the refrigerant leaks out, the compressor clutch won’t engage because the system pressures will be insufficient.

Good advice to take your Jeep to an A/C specialist shop. Ask around, you may find that one particular A/C shop is almost always recommended as the place to go by those in the know. Ask the owner of your regular shop, experienced auto-part store staff, friends, relatives, there’s probably one inde A/C shop at the top of the list.

As far as not being a happy camper A/C-wise, rest assured, you’re not alone. A/C problems can quickly spiral out of control and become very expensive to repair. For example a compressor failure will sometimes spew debris into the coolant line, which will clog up the hoses, expansion valve, various orifices, meaning all those parts will likely have to be replaced, along with the compressor. A/C invoices in the $3-4 K range not that uncommon.

It also looks like they broke your display screen.