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2003 Honda Civic Ex A/C

If the outside temp is cool (say below 75) the a/c works, but as soon as the day gets warm it starts blowing only warm air. I took it to the Honda dealership and they said that it was low on freon and that it needs a new clutch and a new coil (cost to repair: $800). They recharged it and added dye. A week later I took it to a good independent shop that specializes in Honda repairs. They said that the compressor has power and ground and is full of freon and dye but they found a bad thermal switch and that I need a new compressor (cost to repair: $1200).
I have no understanding of car a/c systems and thus don’t know which repair sounds like the right one (if either) based on the diagnostics that have been done. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I think you need a third opinion from an independent AC specialist. I don’t think the dealership or independent repair shop really understands a vehicle AC like an AC specialist.

The compressor in your vehicle has a thermal cut-off switch to the compressor clutch. You can see it in the image below.

What this switch does is it cuts power to the compressor clutch if the compressor should start to run hot.

I can’t find this switch being sold as a separate component. So that’s probably why the compressor had to be replaced.