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A.c 05 honda civic es 1.7lt

I put the right amount of freon and it cooled for like 10 minutes . the cool air . whats going on

You probably have a leak in the system.See a specialist ASAP.

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It has a problem and needs to be checked.

You put freon in and it cooled. Sounds like a win to me.

Or are you saying it only cooled for 10 minutes then got warm? If that is the case you have a leak.
AC’s are best left to a professional, it may cost some money, but it is worth it.

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Did you actually use Freon in your A/C system?
If so, that was a fatal mistake, as that substance ceased to be used in A/C systems about 15 years before your car and its A/C system were manufactured.

Did not blow hot air at all . it was cold then cool. Cluth working blows hard but not cold cold air

I used the one autozone told me

can you repeat this in understandable English?

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And just how do you know that?

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It was blowing cool air pur the autozone freeon in blew really cold air for 10 min then cool air

That is your best English? you can do better than that.

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Well, no, that’s not better English

And I can use google Translate, too. We don’t appreciate or allow that kind of language here.

Remember YOU came here and asked for help, or tried too, and now you are upset because you cannot communicate effectively?


I did not accept anyone to be rude since i did not spell check before sending either .

It’s not just the misspelling. Your post is totally not understandable. Perhaps you can have someone translate for you?

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I guess YOU may need to understand english BETTER because i got some good advice and fixed it. But thank you anyways

I notice that some words look like poor replacements from spell check. Do what I do and edit your post before sending it. Spell check causes me lots of trouble. But once I spell check the spell check, all is ok. Really, except for the last post, they are pretty much unintelligible.

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I am astounded that I am the only forum member who flagged post #11 as being “inappropriate”.

Wow so sorry . but if he was not so rude i would of not replied like it did. Have a great day

No one was rude. We were just asking you to clarify your posts, which were not understandable by anyone.

The alternative was to just ignore them. But that would not help you.

Remember, you came here to ask us for help. And we are trying to help.