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AC only blows cool while driving or revving

I had a refrigerant leak in the line of my 02 Civic. I could refill it and it would work fine until it leaked out. Just before I got the leak fixed(part of the line was replaced I believe) I noticed it wouldn’t accept the refrigerant very well and stopped blowing as cold. I had tried using the refrigerant with leak stop a couple of times and I’m worried that it has clogged something up now causing this problem.

Again, it still blows cool but not cold like before. It only gets cool while driving or revving the engine. Pressure gauge shows 60 until revved then it shows 20.

I paid $200 to get the leak fixed and I really would like to keep costs on this down of course.

Thank you for any help you can give as to what my next course of action should be.


Who fixed the leak? An AC system has to be vaccumed after any repair that involves a leak. You can’t just add refrigerent with air still in the system. You might want to visit a good AC shop. Avoid the chain shops.