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AC "repaired" but won't cool a lot?

Okay, so I purchased a 2008 Ford Explorer about 5 days ago, finally got me a personal mechanic & took it over there, was told it was leaking freon on the high side port, got the high side line changed & freon added, it shows no more leaks & pressure is good. Also orifice was changed and also condenser.

The AC compressor works fine also… basically everything seems to work properly but the problem is when the AC is on, it won’t throw cold air at all, it doesn’t throw hot air either, it just blows cool air.

What could the problem be here guys?

Before the system was reassembled/sealed, was the proper amount of refrigerant oil added to each replaced component?

Once the system was sealed, was a vacuum applied to the system to remove any air/moisture?

When the system was recharged, was the engine at operating temperature, the engine idle at 2,000 RPM’s, with a large fan blowing at the condenser/radiator?



what are the a/c pressures now with the engine running and a/c on?

This could be a heater control valve or stuck blend door. This would have the a/c working fine, but the cool air isn’t getting blown out of the vents. Depending on how the air vent system is set up- the cool air could be getting warmed back up by a faulty heater control valve, or the cool air could be not being diverted out of the vents by a faulty air blend door blowing cool air instead of the cold.

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Yes it was added the proper amount of refrigerant oil, yes it was also vaccumed, the AC system was flushed also (not sure if that’s the same but it was done according to the mechanic)

Yeah the Rpms where on the 2000 with the large fan blowing.

I’m thinking maybe the compressor might not work?

I would have to take it back to the mechanic to check on AC pressure, I don’t have the tools :: the work was done 3 days ago & it still blows only cool air but not cold Or hot, so I’m gonna check on what you told me, I really appreciate it. Any tips or help i appreciate.

What are the low/high side pressures during the recharging of the system?


If you know what the a/c accumulator is, you can feel it with the a/c system on and engine running for a bit. It should be cold to the touch.

The accumulator should be on the passenger side of the firewall, and be silver. It will have a couple of hoses/lines running to it, and perhaps a switch on it. There are no moving parts, nor belts. It should not be frozen, but touch it carefully so as to not hurt yourself. Just touch the metal, and it should be cold.

If the accumulator is cold, then your a/c is working at least decently (can’t be fore sure without knowing pressures,) and you likely have an issue somewhere else.
If the accumulator is warm, then your a/c system is not working.


also, with the engine running and a/c on- look at the a/c compressor and see if the clutch is spinning with the pulley and belt. The a/c clutch is in the center of where the belt goes on the a/c compressor- and when energized with power from the switch, it should engage and spin with the belt. If this is not happening, you have a pressure issue or a electrical issue.

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The OP stated the compressor functions.


Dumb question-was it blowing cold air after hose was replaced? I doubt if the mechanic would have checked heat but he may have.

Don’t know buddy, I would have to ask the mechanic, imma go back and check on Saturday and see if it changed pressure.

It was blowing semi-cold air, the previous owner had claimed he’d charged it up with freon before selling but admitted it was leaking freon, that’s about it.

Anytime a vehicle comes into the shop with an HVAC problem, the first thing that’s checked is what part of the HVAC is working, and which part is not.


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Yes the clutch does spin, it spins for about 10 seconds and then switches off for like 5 seconds and just does the same cycle.

Just the facts, please.
System is evacuated. Recharged with proper freon amount. 2 lbs? Approx.
Pressures are monitored. Ok? Condenser fan is running?
Proper freon level and proper pressures means no blockages.
Lower hi side pressure means compressor is not working correctly
U did change accumulator? Cheap part.

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The accumulator is not decent cold not freezing cold but cold lol. I just checked it right now.

Accumulator wasn’t changed at all, I would probably have to replace it although, it gets cold when AC is on

It sounds like the system is low on refrigerant.

The AC system in your vehicle is called a CCOT system. Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube system.

And when the refrigerant is low, the clutch on the compressor cycles on and off rapidly.

Go back and check the system pressures.



Maybe the mechanic didn’t add enough refrigerant?
Although he said everything was fine, even showed me with the machine hooked up and still didn’t threw cold air, maybe he lied to me since I’m not much expert on AC lol

I’m confused…
Why did you take the car from the mechanic if he said the system was fine but it still wasn’t putting out cold air?