A/C out on 2004 honda but is it a/c leak or just freon refresh?

Hi I’ve got an 04’ accord and within the last couple weeks it started blowing warmer air but now it’s hot. I’ve called around for a few prices to see about getting the freon replaced and everyone I’ve called is concerned there’s a leak. We’ll I’ve had the for 10 years doesn’t the freon just run out eventually and you need to fill it up again? Am I getting scammed if I take it some place and they do a diagnostic that might be a hundred bucks just to look at it? Any advice thank you.

The refrigerant doesn’t get used up. If the system is low on refrigerant there’s a leak somewhere.


The first step would be to add more refrigerant to “top it up”. That costs about $60 or so as a rule. A good shop will find a leak if there is one large enough. But after 10 years enough may seep through seals to lose enough to make the sytem blow warm air.

If the hot air suddenly came on and not gradually, your air valve may be out of adjustment.

So, see a good independent specialty A/C shop.

Yes, no AC system is perfectly sealed, so it’s common for the refrigerant to need a recharge after 10 years or so. But you may as well have the system leak checked to make sure there aren’t any large leaks.