A bit of help for Kia & Hyundai owners

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Baltimore County, Maryland announced in February that they will distribute steering wheel locks for Hyundai/Kia.

The best bit of help for Kia & Hyundai owners:

BAN SCHLICK-SCHLOCK from this country!!

It’s turning our fine citizens into risk-taking IDIOTS.

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I don’t have a big problem with Tik-Tok on personal devices. If someone wants to pass time watching Tik-Tok videos that’s fine and seems benign to me. Tik-Tok or any similar website should be forbidden on corporate or government devices. When I had company or government laptops and phones we were forbidden from adding any apps and from visiting any website on the very long banned list. I couldn’t even look up winning lottery numbers, even on my personal phone using cellular service. Knowing that, it is surprising to me that other government agencies allow this and I’m skeptical that they do. I’ll ask about the Dept of Labor’s policy the next time I see my neighbor, he runs IT security there.

Young kids today are mostly uneducated idiots. Stealing cars is considered fun?

The steering wheel locks were defeated decades ago. A real thief just cuts the wheel and removes the lock. Drive car to the chopping yard. The wheel is the only part they can’t sell!

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The ones engaging in car theft don’t see a satisfactory way out of the thug life and emulate tier elders. Don’t confuse that with stupidity. I am much more concerned about their version of society than stupidity.

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The problem with Hyundai/Kia isn’t “real” theives.
It’s feeble minded teenagers who don’t know how to hold a cutting tool, let alone possess one.
All the steering lock has to do is convince them to go looking for an easier target.

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I don’t see that at all here. A lot of high tech parents here, so their kids tend to follow. Physics, science books & magazines are among the most checked out at the library. Maybe that sort of thing varies by location. From a kid’s point of view, stealing anything might be considered fun. Often done on a challenge, just to see if such a thing is actually possible to do. Fortunately most kids grow out of it, consider the adverse ramifications, and stop this sort of thinking.


Let’s get wonky!

The last part of the brain to mature is the frontal cortex, where judgement resides. Women’s brains fully mature by the early 20s and males by the late 20s. That explains why teens don’t seem to think things through. They aren’t capable of it in general. This does not excuse bad behavior, they do need to face punishment, it it does explain it.


Reminds me of the opening scene from the movie High School High with John Lovitz. Drives his car to some gangland school, puts The Club on his steering wheel, takes a few steps away, turns around and his car his gone but the steering wheel is on the ground.
High School High car theft scene
Can’t remember how to just post a link to the video without it posting the actual video. @cdaquila little help please?

edit: Thanks. I figured it’d be one of those things that was so easy it’d be hard to figure out.

Kia and Hyundai now have a software patch for these vehicles that won’t allow it to start without the physical key, takes under an hour at the dealer. Up to 2020 models

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It’s what you put in front of them.

My mother encouraged my reading habit when I was three! What are they putting in front of kids nowadays - a f****ng PHONE? :man_facepalming: