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99 Windstar Driver Door Window Motor

I have a '99 Windstar with two broken wires going to the driver’s side window motor. The wires control the up and down movement. The wires had what appear to be crimped broken terminals on their respective ends. I cannot get the plug off the motor, see inside the plug, or get the contents out. I tried putting a blade terminal on the wires but they did not connect. I tried alligator clips but they have nowhere to clip. An aligator clip pushed up into the plug does not transfer electricity to the motor. When I went to Advance Auto Parts the associate said that he could ot tell me what the plug looked like unless I ordered a motor. Do you hae any ideas on how to make the connection?

Thank you! Sincerely yours, Bernd Woloszczak

If all else fails, crush the connector, solder and tape the now exposed wires to establish continuity.

ok. first things first. you are talking about the window up and down mechanical motor correct; not the window side view mirror?

provided you are talking about the window mechanism (called a regulator);

where are these broken wires? inside the door panel, at the motor itself, or in the arm rest?

are you talking about the mechanical wires which connect to the plastic window brackets, or to the electrical wires powering the motor as it winds up?

if these are the power wires which give power to the window regulator motor, are they “live” when you push the up/down button? a cheap test light would solve that problem.

do the wires still have any terminals on them? the terminals used inside the plastic clips are normally smaller, and compact than regular crimp on terminals. (although it would baffle me how they both could “escape” the clip, since they are a pain to get unclipped)

with a little perseverance you should be able to get the connector off the window motor. that would be a huge help to discover the condition of the terminals, the motor connections, and even by supplying 12V to it, should eliminate the problem with the motor being useful.

you are saying the wires are just hanging out in the open?