99 VW Jetta won't start!


My 99 Jetta has been sitting in storage for 5 months without being started. I got back, the battery was dead (of course), but I got it restarted.

It ran for about 20 stationary, but when I tried to drive it, it died again and this time the battery would not take enough of the charge to turn the engine over.

After I replaced the battery, the mechanic also spotted a fuse next to the battery that had “popped.” He replaced it, but it popped again when he tried to start the car. Now he says he has no idea what’s wrong.

Anyone have any ideas?


Well it appears there is a short. Any chance a critter like a mouse too up residence in your car while you were away?

In any case this is a matter of step by step eliminating possible problems. It can’t be done from here, but it is not that difficult to do when you have access to the car. It can take time however.


I am guessing that you got a jump start to get the engine going and in doing so something may have gotten damaged and caused the fuse to blow. You need to find out what that fuse ties power to and find the problem. Once that is fixed it may get things running again.