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'04 VW Jetta Diesel Won't Start

I don’t drive my Jetta that much any more and a few weeks ago I tried to start it, but the battery was dead. Of course I gave the battery a jump and it started right up. A few more weeks of inactivity go by and the car didn’t start up. Once again, I jump it thinking the battery was dead, but this time it would turn over but not start. When I turn the key, it sounds like it wants to start…making a “ruh…ruh…ruh” sound. Each progressive “ruh” is weaker than the last. I have a hard time thinking it’s the battery as it’s hardly a year old. Could it be the starter? Could I have damaged the starter while jumping the vehicle? I’ve owned this vehicle for 6 years and I’ve jumped it successfully several times. Any ideas car geniuses…?

My vote would be for a new battery, especially if it is a 6 year old battery.

I would have to agree. Cleaning all the battery cables when the battery is replaced is highly recommended.

I guess I wasn’t very clear that the battery was hardly a year old. Turns out the battery fluid was low because most of it had evaporated over the summer. Added some new fluid and got it jumped. Thanks for the advice though.