04 Jetta won't start

We have a 2004 Jetta with about 92,000 miles on it. We bought it used in October 2012 after 3 months needed rebuilt transmission, and many other problems but the most recent has been costly with no mechanic being able to repair. These are some of the problems that we are faced with. While in drive the vehicle feels like its gonna stall but starts to beep the clock resets and car continues to drive with no problems or the car won’t start at all. You open the car door no keys are in the ignition but the car is clicking and clock and miles are fading in and out, light on door panel blinking, you push flashers and it makes a strange noise but flashers are not blinking. You put key in and try to start the car and nothing the blinking and clicking stop and it does nothing turn key back in off position clicking and blinking start again. Car just stalls when approaching stop signs. No mechanic has been able to fix problem or duplicate issues. I do have video of the interior clicking and flashing and noises it makes. Anyone have any suggestion we are desperate. Please help.

You have a power issue with either a low battery, bad battery positive connection or bad ground connection.

Possible Power supply relay issue, we see it often

Sounds like a water / flood damaged car, to me!

I’d start with a fresh new battery.

Next, there are a set of master fuses on the top of the battery. If that box has corrosion in it, it’s junk. It is the main power distribution center for the car.

If the box is good, then:

Remove the battery.
Replace both cables that lead to the battery.
Remove and clean the connections in the master fuse box that rests on top of the battery; if any of the cables connecting to those fuses looks corroded, have those wires replaced.

The power issue could be on the hot side or the ground side. I suggest you clean the battery connections along with the the battery connection to the chassis. Also check the connection to the power panel under the hood and clean any signs of corrosion there. The trouble you are having is most likely under the hood. It would be good to have a voltmeter in hand so you could check the voltage at suspected spots and verify the connection while the trouble is occurring.

I wonder if the car was struck by lightening, so the prior owner decided to sell it? It sounds like there are multiple issues with the electrical system. The ECM may be involved too. This is the kind of drivability problem that requires a dealer’s shop or a shop that specializes only in VW’s and has all the VW diagnostic equipment and expertise.