99 taurus airbag sensor

I have a 99 Taurus with the airbag lite on. has 110,000 miles. had it in the shop and they said there is power up to the fuse box, but there is an “open” somewhere in the wiring. I have heard that the steering wheel is the most likely culprit. has anyone else found this to be true?

WEll, the steering wheel turns, and the column is fixed, so there has to be some kind of dynamic electrical connection between the two parts it seems to me. Maybe that has failed or corroded a bit. I think that part is called the clock-spring or something like that.

that’s what im thinking as well. there must be some contacts that get worn out over time. it would be the cheapest place to start

If the clock spring is bad, it MAY also make it so the horn won’t blow. If the horn doesn’t work, check its fuse and relay first. If they’re OK replace the clock spring. Remember to remove the air bag’s fuse or disconnect the battery for 15 minutes before you begin.


Here’s something to consider

Get the factory service manual and wiring diagrams and diagnose the problem. Use your multimeter to help you.

I’m not being insulting, mind you.

But it might be cheaper and more efficient to fix the car this way rather than guessing and maybe throwing parts at the problem.