99 Honda Civic DX stalls in hot weather - why?

I’ve replaced the ignition coil
I’ve replaced the fuel pump
I’ve replaced the main relay
I don’t have air conditioning
If it’s 80 degrees or hotter, it will stall after a few minutes of driving
It doesn’t smell like rotten eggs, so the catalytic convertor is good
When I try to start it up right after it stalls, it starts up for a second, then shuts back down
It starts back up in a couple minutes

I’ve spent $836 so far, and I need help diagnosing this problem, or else I’m going to have to sell this thing for parts!

The stalling problem might from an ignition control module or a crankshaft position sensor being effected by heat. Both of these components are located on the distributor.


This model is also under a Recall for the ignition switch which can cause random stalling and switch problems are not that rare a thing on Hondas.
If this Recall has never been performed then you can have this done free of charge at any Honda dealer.

There are also a few other Recalls out on this car so have them all done in one shot.