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99 Honda Civic dies while driving and at starts

The car is an automatic 1.6 with 200K+ miles. The car loses power randomly and I have to pull over. Then it doesn’t start again, I have to wait maybe 20 mins and then it will fire up before I can nurse it home.

One time I died near a friends home fortunately and we found that no spark was going through the plugs so we cleaned the distributor cap and rotor points (which have been replaced 3 months ago) and still no dice. We just waited for a few more mins and it started up like usual.

We have replaced the distributor assembly with a re manufactured one last November, but that can still be the issue.The starter cranks strong and was tested good. The fuel pump primes every time and all fuses check out.

We suspect a faulty ignitor. Any opinions and suggestions?

There is a recall on some Honda ignitions from cars that age. Your problem sounds like the symptoms I’ve read about that the recall may fix. Hope it is because Honda should fix it free!