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My Honda occasionally stalls out, then starts right back up again

I have a 99 Honda Civic. A few months ago, while driving in my neighborhood at about 25 mph, the car just stalled out and died. Within a minute, it started up again and was fine. My mechanic has checked it out a few times and found nothing. It’s been totally fine and just did it again today. I leave tomorrow for a trip and am a little concerned about taking it on the road. Anyone have experience with this type of problem?

The first thing to check is the main fuel pump relay. These have a history of shutting the power off to the fuel pump because of cracked solder joints. These are usually effected by temperature where they shut the fuel pump down. But if temperature can effect the relay because of cracked solder joints, then one should assume that vibration can have an effect on the cracked solder joints in the relay and thus shutting the fuel pump off.

The fuel pump relay is located behind the dash above the drivers left knee.


Along with that, here’s more info on that relay and how to fix it:

I concur. It could be something else, but to me it sounds like the fuel pump is cutting out. The first place to look for something faulty is the fuel pump relay.

If the repair hasn’t been done previously you might have the ignition switch Recall performed as that can cause a problem like this. The best part is that it’s totally free at any Honda dealer.
The Recall Number is 2633.