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Honda civic lx 1999> engine shuts down in hot weather

honda civic lx 1999> engine shuts down in hot weather when the sun has been beating down on it for a while>it can happen as im backing out of the parkway or as im driving in the first 1-10 minutes> does anyone know more about this strange issue?

went to the dealer and the vin number of the car shows to recalls
have not diagnosed it yet but thinking about it

thanks for the help guys!

Hot shutdown, most likley, that could be caused by a malfunction of the electrical system or the fuel/fuel injection systems.

Is the check engine light on? Is the routine maintenance up to date? Any accidents or other unusual events recently? Overheating?

Check the fuel pump relay. Known problem in older Honda’s.

hey thanks for the quick replys guys> the car does not seem to overheat and yes years ago i had a small wreck where a are backed up on me. :frowning:
no check engine light on btw.

upon much more digging of this holy site this below link may also be good advice for me as it describes to the tee what my issue is: