1999 Ford F-150 - Theft deterrent stops ME

My theft deterrent system causes my engine to stop while driving.

From what I can find it’s usually the result of frayed wires in the steering column. It’s a known problem. Ford F-150 Anti-theft Controller Problems

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Fords anti theft “SecuriLock” - Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS)

If your engine is dying while driving, It is NOT a (PATS) issue.

Low battery voltage can kill the engine, and low enough voltage will trigger the anti theft light and stop you from starting the truck.

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A bad crankshaft position sensor can cause the engine to just shut off.


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OP, explain why you think the anti-theft system is causing the engine to shut off when driving. That’s a possibility, but there are many other reasons that can cause the engine to shut off.

Theft light flashes…it cuts off
I followed a theft deterrent reset technique…put ignition switch in A/C position and tap on fuse link box …if memory serves me. It started. I drove it. Unfortunately, the problem keeps occurring. The reset technique did not seem to work again.

Lastly, when it cut off, I put key in door …light went off …it started. Drove a little, it cut off. I could not get it started. Theft light flashes as I try to start it.

Best bet probably is to take your truck to a Ford dealership with proof it belongs to you. Hopefully they’ll be able to resolve the problem for you. Before doing that, make sure the battery and charging system are working correctly. Shop’s have special test equipment for that common test. My diy’er driveway version: Before the first start of the day (truck sitting unused overnight) the battery should measure about 12.6 volts, then immediately after starting the engine, 13.5 - 15.5 volts.

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