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'99 Escort tie rod?

This is the one that had the bent rim replaced to fix the slow leak (the tire mechanic wrenched the bent one back into shape, after which it looked better than the rusty used replacement, but the replacement seems to be holding. I’m holding the un-bended one to see if I can use it for a full-size spare.)

Afteer the right front rim was replaced and balanced I noticed a wheel-ish vibration, very broadly around 50MPH, maybe from the left front. Not terrible, but annoying. Son said he would have it taken care of, but before he got to it he took the car up to the NYC area for a few days. With some time available there he went to a tire shop who told him it was the tie rod. I said not to have it fixed there; I wanted it done near home by somebody I knew and trusted.

1. Could a tie rod problem cause a vibration similar to out-of-balance wheel? (Results I got from Search here are not conclusive.)

2. Any disagreement about my decision to have it brought home (less than 250 miles) for trusted diagnosis/repair?

Yes and No.
Yes a worn tie rod could cause vibration.
No disagreement about just getting it home to be repaired there. That is often one of the options given to our customers here in Gallup N.M. when the diagnosis is not anticipated by the customers budget. If you can get it home, just wait to repair on your own time.