Tie rod/ alignment

Got the tie rod fixed and aligned then a couple weeks got 2 front tires. Did it need realigned? Because the threads are showing already and had one blow out

Yes, you absolutely needed to get it aligned. Now you need 2 tires and the alignment, done the same day.

Even tho it was just aligned? And only like 2 weeks in between

Are you saying you wore out the front tires in two weeks?

No sorry I meant 2 weeks from getting the tie rod fixed to getting 2 new front tires. It’s been about a month or 2 since that and they have already gone out. And I don’t believe they were realigned didn’t know that they needed it since it had just been done.

This sounds like a time for 4 tires and a complete alignment. Having the cord show in 2 months of driving is really strange. I doubt if the tire shop will prorate the two tires but you can ask.

Sorry, I misunderstood. So you got new tie rod ends, then got it aligned, then got new tires, right? Then the new tires have worn out. You did it right, you shouldn’t be having this problem. I’m guessing either the alignment wasn’t done right, or there’s something else wrong with your suspension.

Yeah I just wasn’t sure if I had gotten it realigned after putting the tires on. Thanks for the help

You need an alignment after changing the tie rod end, but you do not need an alignment when you buy tires. If your new tires wore out in only a couple of weeks, then either you got a very bad alignment after the tie rod replacement, the tire guy did something to your alignment, or you have another very serious problem.

Why only one tie rod end?