99 chevy prizm

anyone know what the biggest rims is that i could get on my 99 chevy prizm?


I assume you want them because of the way they look (beauty is in the eye of the beholder).   Are you aware that those large wheels usually mean small tyres.  That usually means good handling and a rougher ride and much less resistance to damage due to pothole type situations.

Check TireRack.com

Be aware, however, that those big, heavy rims will have a negative impact on your Prizm’s ability to accelerate and brake. So you will have a SLOWER Prizm that also takes longer to slow down and stop, and the wheels and tires will be MUCH more expensive than the stock units.

Not a good idea.

If you must do this I suggest going only one size over stock for safety reasons.

Oh, I forgot, your gas mileage will be reduced, too.

I seem to have lost my “reply” button, so I’ll piggyback on MG’s post…

There’s an excellent primer on wheels and tires at www.carbibles.com. It’ll tell you everything you need to know, and even has a calculator so you can compare and determine what tire size you need for larger rims to keep the rolling circumference roughly the same.

The 1010 Tires website also has a good chart that identifies all the parameters for a given tire including what rim sizes the tire will safely fit.

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