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What size wheel will go with a tire 245 35z r20?

I’m looking to buy a wheel to go with my tire. I wanted to know if a 20 x 10 wheel fits my tire. The make and model of the Chevy is a 2001 Monte Carlo. I have the link of the tire I’m shopping for below.

Look up your tire on

Listed with the tire specifications is the rim width range, usually 8" to 9.5" for that size tire.

A 245 wide tire is a bit too narrow for a 10 inch rim. A 275 or 285 would be happier on a 10 inch rim.

If you want a “stretched” look, it will look good but not work very well on a rim that wide.

20x10s are really a bit much on an '01 Monte but if you insist, measure once, twice, three times to make sure you have clearance.

If I already had tires that I wanted to use I would use a local wheel shop to make sure I got a good fit. Also that would come with a local warranty instead of dealing with an EBAY seller who might go out of business the next day.

A 20x10 wheel would want something like 275 or 285mm wide tire. If you want 245/35/20 tires I would go with an 8 inch wide wheel. I would also have some real reservations about wheels that cost $275 for a set of four (including shipping), Quality wheels cost a lot more than that.

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WOW, I missed that! I just glanced at the wheel to get the offset! I didn’t see that $275 was for FOUR wheels!

Do not buy these wheels, they will kill you.

Tire will answer your questions

the OD of tire is close to stock but the width is getting close to rubbing issues if you choose a rim width/offset that puts the rim in/out too far. you might even need a slightly different offset for the rear tires vs the fronts. you need to position the rears so they dont rub the fenderlips but the front wheels have to turn and not hit the fenders or rub on the suspension components. the big issue is whether the tire comes to close to the shock tower/spring seat. its tight with stock tires. also, the rims have to have the 115mm bolt pattern which is not the same as 114.3