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Corolla and Prism wheels

I have one more question. When I look online for corolla or prizm rims, 2001, I find that it is the same part.

However, when I call a salvage yard and tell them either one will work, they gruffly say, “who told you that? that is wrong.”

I called the folks at discount tire and they said it is the same wheel.

What do you folks in the know think about this?

Same car, same wheel. Either will work.

Are you saying they salvage yard won’t take your money?

Hahaha. Effectively, yes, they are fending me off from giving them money for corolla rims when I have a prizm.

These things are hard to find in a salvage yard around these parts. If anyone from Wisconsin, Minnesota, or even northern illinois has some old 14x5.5 4-100/4.5 35B rims, let me know! (I am looking for something less than or close to $40.) Thanks.

So, tell them you have a Corolla and buy the wheels.

Another option is new take-off wheels, which won’t be bent, as junk yard wheels often are.

Try They have steel and alloy wheels for your Prizm.

“new take-off” wheels. I have never heard of that. Thanks for the information!

Are you saying they salvage yard won’t take your money?

No they won’t sell him the $10 Corolla wheels…instead they want to sell him the $50 Prism wheels.

Do you have a special version of Corolla, (eg a sportier version)? Sometimes a larger wheel is needed to clear your rotors on the front at least.

New take-offs is when somebody buys different wheels and gives up the original ones because he doesn’t want to stoe them. Or he just sells them to you. Those wheels should not be different between the Corolla and Prizm. The cars are made in the same plant and it would seem silly to make them so differently.