Should I keep my small wheels with large tires, or should I get change to bigger wheels and smaller tires for my lowered R10

I’m just finishing up my 4 inch lowering job on my Chevy R10, and I’m wondering whether I should keep my small wheels and big tires, or move to some lower profile tires with bigger wheels. The only thing is, those are expensive! But if I keep the bigger tires, I’m not sure how that would look. What do you guys think?

Really does not matter what anyone thinks . Your vehicle and your money so what ever you want is all that matters.

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I haven’t seen your truck yet. Post pictures from the side. Note that it isn’t just looks, but ride that matters too. There must be pictures of trucks similar to yours on line that are lowered and riding on rubber bands. Take a look at those.

This r10 is really a c10? it has 225/75/15 tires?
2wd so it has 5x4.75 bolt pattern?

I think big open wheels with low profile tires look silly on a vehicle with tiny brakes. But that is my preference, maybe not yours.

I think the old boxy R10 looks better with more sidewall showing.

I don’t have a pic of it lowered yet, it is not quite finished. Would one at stock height suffice?

Yes that is correct. The only difference between R10 and C10 is the R10 is fuel injected. Except, mine is swapped to a carbureted 350

That’s why another idea I had was to keep the stock wheels and just get lower profile tires

That might not look great. I’d want to keep the tire diameter, so if you’re wanting lower profile tires you’d need to increase the wheel size - maybe go with bigger steel wheels?


They don’t have to be bicycle spoke wheels. They make all kinds, depends on the overall look you’re trying to achieve. They do look silly like this-

Custom Truck Wheels1


Lots of bigger dia rims with the 6 bolt pattern. For the newer Chevy trucks. It’s harder to find bigger/cheaper 5 bolt rims. Though I bet Camaro rims would work.

You lost me when you lowered a perfectly good pickup truck 4 ". I just don’t get the craze that calls for modifying old pickup trucks so that they are totally useless as pickup trucks, but pay no attention to me, I am just old and crotchety.


I’ll second that… That means the tire and wheel is smaller in overall diameter and it will look like a bit silly. Split the difference… 17 inch steel wheel and 55 or 60 series tires. You want the diameter the same as stock.

No, they won’t work. Early Camaros are the 4.75 bolt circle… the truck has the 5 inch “big car” pattern.

Nope. Gotta see the real thing, or a photo on line of a similar truck with stock tires after lowering as well as the rubber bands. If you haven’t done this already, try it and see if they change your mind or not. Also, don’t buy new rims and tires until you live with the current setup for a while. You might like it.


Small rims and “normal” profile tires simply work better than big rims and low profile tires for street driving.
The ride tends to be smoother and quieter.
They are cheaper and lighter, and stronger. They hold their air longer.
The only two things low profile tires have going for them are looks,
which is a matter of taste, and sharper steering response.


Hi! The main reason I’m doing this is that I’m only 15, and I have no use for the vehicle to haul large loads, in the bed or on a hitch. I am primarily using it for a daily driver and just to haul light loads in the bed, maybe a bike rack. I totally understand where you’re coming from though

I have a pic of the truck before lowering, and I can tell you, the top of the tire will be level with the edge of the fender

I’m always amused by old econoboxes whose owners have installed BIG open wheels that display the truly tiny drum brakes on the rear wheels. Show us your old-fashioned, cheapo technology!