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98 saturn sl1 code p0327

code reader says

P0327 Knock Sens 1 circuit low input bank 1 or 1 sensor

Should i just replace the knock sensor?

P0327 DTC is a monitor code. During the first 20 seconds after engine start the PCM listens to the knock sensor without filtering. If noise is not detected the PCM will set DTC P0327. If the PCM does not detect noise, the knock sensor could be dead, the wiring to the sensor could be open, disconnected, or grounded, or the sound path to the sensor could be bad.

So check out wiring circuit 496. There is a resistance check to ground for the knock sensor of approximately 100,000 ohms at 21 degrees C. Also make sure the knock sensor is tight in the block i.e. the sound path is not muffled.

Hope this helps.