Bank 1 knock sensor

Someone please help me I replaced the upstream o2 sensor and now my check engine light is back on saying it is the bank 1 knock sensor is it really the knock sensor or is it something else throwing the code if someone could help me as soon as possible that’d be great

There are a number of knock sensor codes. I assume your code is something like P0325, which usually means the trouble is with wiring to the sensor and not with the sensor itself. Whenever a code refers to the sensor circuit the wiring to the sensor should be checked out first before throwing in a replacement sensor.

You did item 6 but there are a few other possibilities.
P0327- Possible Solutions
1.Verify the resistance of the knock sensor (compare it to factory specs)
2. Inspect for broken/frayed wires leading to the sensor
3. Check the wiring and connections leading to/from the knock sensor and PCM/ECM
4. Verify proper voltage is reaching the knock sensor (e.g. 5 volts)
5. Verify proper grounding of sensor and circuit
6. Replace the knock sensor
7. Replace the PCM/ECM