Sensors going haywire?


I have a 2000 pontiac grand am coupe GT with the 6 cylinder engine. It has been a very good car to me. I really like it and it “fits” me well … and yet… it is now testing me. About a year ago the check engine light came on. The codes were P0327 and P0336 for bad Knock sensor and Crank sensor respectively. The were both replaced multiple times, the light still stays on… and the codes are still coming up. I have have been to different experts, and after the computer resets… there they are again. (someone even thought that the computer needed updated codes for those sensors… so he installed them… with no better results). The code P1189 for an oil switch is now coming up too.
Here in california the car cannot pass smog with the check engine light on… so I’m not able to re-register it, and I don’t think I can sell it for much because no one can register it now.
So… does anyone know what this can be? Is there some common thread between all these sensors (or a recall of some kind) that would explain this? My fear is that the computer will have to be changed at about $1000. My even greater fear is that that will still not solve the problem.

Humbly dumbfounded…

Both of the code definitions refer to the circuits for them. Have you checked the circuits to make sure they are making good connection to the ECU and aren’t being interfered with by any other connection?

A classic case of people assuming that codes can or do tell you that “parts” are bad. As Cougar notes, neither of those codes is a report about a bad sensor. It would be interesting to know who the “experts” were although a surprising number of those don’t seem to know what error codes mean either.