98 Neon, gas pedal / transmission shift problem


Hi Everyone,

We have a 98 Neon (approx 82,000 miles), 4-cyl, automatic.

When the car is in park or neutral, the gas pedal is easy to step on. But, when I shift to first gear, the pedal becomes stiff and when it it set in 2nd, I can hardly move the pedal at all. Our mechanic has lubricated the linkage a few times now and this takes care of the problem for a day or two.

A new problem arose this past week. I was trying to accelerate and as I pressed hard on the pedal, the shifter actually slipped into neutral. One person has suggested that this is an indication of a transmission cable problem.

Does anyone have an idea of what’s happening here??

Thanks, Kathy


It certainly sounds like there is a problem with the transmission linkage or cable. Apparently you are going to need to have someone else take a look at it.


[b]Have someone check the engine/transaxle mounts.

If any of theses mounts are worn, the engine/transaxle can twist when a load is imposed causing binding in the throttle cable. And if the twisting is severe enough, could cause the transmission to shift to a different gear.