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98 Neon Auto Trans

My 98 Neon trans shifts normally as long as I don’t do a hard acceleration. Once I do, the shift points move to 35mph from 1st to 2nd and 55 mph from 2nd to 3rd. Stopping and restarting has no effect, several hours later all is well until I accelerate hard agn.

Start by checking/adjusting the TV (Throttle Valve) cable, it sounds like its adjusted too tight.


Thanks! I will check into that.

Just to let you know the follow up. Your suggestion led to the real culprit. The transmission lever attached to the throttle-transmission cable was corroded and dirty and not rotating all the way back to the stop. Cleaned it up and got the motion to follow the throttle valve pulley and hasn’t shifted that smoothly in a while! Thanks!

Awesome, glad it worked out. Thanks for the follow up.