97 Dodge neon shifter cable/transmission

My dad has a 1997 dodge neon. The cable that is needed on the gear shift (manual transmission) broke and needed to be replaced. It was replaced but the car was not shifting correctly. So he took the car back on Sat to the place where they did the work. Well now the gear shift works fine, but he said that if when he slowed down and then reaccerlated the engine reved for a second then the transmission kicked in and the car went. As he excelerated the car ran fine, it was just going from after slowing way down and reexcerlerating. Does this manke any sense?

The car is an automatic, not a manual, sorry.

It sounds like the cable has not been adjusted correctly. The manual valve may be partially away from the correct position either blocking or bleeding off line pressure which is showing up as slippage on reacceleration. Find someone who is willing to do the adjustment by the book procedure.

That should solve your problem. Hope this helped

What it sounds like is that whoever replaced the shift cable messed up the tv cable adjustment, the bracket is right above the shift cable. Take it back and tell the mechanic to check and adjust the tv cable. Its adjusted too loose. If the shift cable has been properly adjusted, go here next


Thank you. After they installed the new cable the car ran fine, just with the issue of the car not shifting into park eaisly. Now it shifts into park just fine. What is a tv cable?

TV (Throttle valve). The tv cable is connected from the throttle linkage on the engine to the tv shaft on the transmissions manual valve shaft. The throttle valve controls line rise in the transmission. As you press the accelerator down the tv cable tightens and pulls on the throttle valve increasing the line pressure in the transmission to keep the friction elements from slipping under the higher torques of acceleration. On the A670 transmission the tv cable bracket is mounted just above the shift cable on the manual valve shaft. Its highly possible the tv cable became misadjusted during the shift cable replacement. This would explain the slipping during acceleration. Another job of this tv cable is the forced downshifts, commonly called “kick down”. If the cable is too loose like I think it is, the transmission will not downshift properly after slowing way down and re-accelerating, which would also cause the slipping.


Wow, ah like thank you very much. Your information is more indepth then I have been able to find all day. I will get the info to my dad so he can go back and get it taken care of. Last question, is it something that takes a while to do as he would have to drop it off, or can they get to it pretty easy and adjust?

Thats going to depend on them and how busy they are. The adjustment shouldnt take more than 15 minutes.