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98 Ford Ranger EGR Valve Inlet Tube

When replacing my sensor (have done before) I noticed my hoses needed to be replaced too. When I pulled on it to replace it broke part of the tube inlet. I need a new one. Is this an easy fix? If so, how so I replaced this.

I’m not familiar w/your configuration, but I had something similar happen on my early 70’s Ford truck. I ended up taking off the carb and found a problem with the part the EGR plugs into and had to replace that part. The exhaust gasses are hot and acidic and corrode the parts. I had no difficulty finding replacement parts for my 70’s truck, so I doubt you’ll have any problem finding parts, but you may have to take some more stuff apart to decide which part(s) you actually need.

The EGR valve inlet tube is connected to the exhaust manifold and the EGR valve with large flare fittings. If you’ve replaced the EGR valve you’ve already got one end loose. The end to the exhaust manifold is the same type of fitting. Only alot harder to break loose.