Finding parts

The EGR tube is shot on my 1995 vehicle and I have not been able to locate one. Where can I look?

Are you are old enough to skip emission inspection? I had a $200 estimate for one from the dealer on a 1994 different ford vehicle.

I have not had an emission inspection in quite a while. It’s just that the check engine light is always on and it get very annoying. Maybe I will just put a piece of tape over it to cover it up.

Get a part number (from mechanic or dealer) and google that part number.

Is the tube rusted out and causing an exhaust leak under the hood? The reason I ask is because the only symptom you mention is the CEL being on. The most common cause of an EGR code on Ford vehicles like yours is the DPFE sensor. It’s relatively cheap and very easy to replace, and is likely to make that light go out, unless that tube is indeed rotted out.

The tube is completely rusted out.

I did not find what I was looking for but thanks for the tip. That site will come in handy for other parts.

Another great site. Thanks.

It might be time to go to a good exhaust or machine shop and ask someone to fab one for you. It can’t be too hard for some resourceful character who likes a challenge and is good with tools.