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98 chrysler minivan once in awhile will not start

my town in country has 200,000 miles on it but is in great condition. runs perfect 99% of the time, but once in awhile i will go to start it and it will start and run for 5 seconds. i may be able to do this up to 4 times, until nothing will happen at all when i turn the key. the indicator lights, radio, fan,and power windows will work etc. it will not turn over and it does not make clicking noise like when the battery is bad

One of the regulars on here has a T&C van (or HAD one) and may have a good answer for you.

Meantime, I suspect you MAY have a faulty security system.

Does a message come on stating a problem with … or…? Any codes?

How old is the battery and have the cable connections been removed/cleaned and replaced wrench tight at BOTH ends?

That does sound like a problem with the security system. Of course, this assumes the van HAS a security system. How do you get it going again after one of these episodes?

Yes, it could be anything. Another thing it could be (keeping it cheap) is the starter motor relay. It should be in the relay box under the hood. Many of the relay are the same; so, swap the starter motor relay with another ------ maybe, the horn relay. Time will tell.

Another common failure point is the two positive leads into the power distribution center under the hood.

thanks again everyone for replying so quickly and with some great ideas. today i had the battrey and alternator checked and they were good. i also cleaned the battery terminals and apllied dieltric gel, and tightened them down with a rachatet . i really like the idea of getting the security system checked out, which it does have. can any garage check factory installed systems or would i have to take it to the dealer. i have no knowledge of keylees entry/security systems. i will also try and find the two positive leads to the power distibution center. i did see the leads from battery to relay box, they were tight one there was some green corrosion in the specific area. next time it acts up i will try and switch out the starter relay. thanks again and i will keep you posted.

Another thing that may be going on is the PCM is shutting down the fuel system, somehow thinking there is a problem with the ignition system. Do you get a check engine light when the trouble occurs? If so, that may be what is going on. The starter motor issue should be pretty easy to track down. It may be due to the neutral safety switch. Try starting it in neutral and see if it works then.

Any time you see green corrosion building up on any electrical connection, remove/clean and replace.

Corrosion practically guarantees a break in continuity.

Ah, Cougar.

Isn’t it you who has/had a T&C?

the check engine light has not turned on at all, i think i also tried to start it in neutral and it would not start