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2002 t/c Chrysler limited minivan

It’s been a good van, but latley it’s been doing something wierd things when you go to start it hot or cold it act’s like a bad battery by just 1 click turn back back and try again and it well either click once or start right up. could it be the key switch, solinoid, alt. getting read to go blah or???



Although that was extremely difficult to understand, and I may need some Advil after reading it, I take it that either the van starts or you get one click, right?

Try cleaning your battery terminals first. If that doesn’t solve it, the starter solenoid is probably going bad, though it could be something else.

1…Battery and starter and ground connections.

2… Battery and ground cables.

3… Starter.

yeah, thanks for understaning, my son typed this, that you for the help

I have a 6cyl. Chrysler T/C minivan. Over the last month it has been getting to where the a/c works sometimes and not sometimes. When it works it works good. But mama took it to the store today and it stayed about 80 degrees and just a few minutes ago i drove it and it hit about 75 degrees. what could be wrong or what should i look for? i might add that the water under the van from the a/c has been very little. help please

The refrigerant in the system may be low. It would be best to have a shop look at it to see what the trouble is.

If the battery is charged and its terminal connections are clean, the solenoid inside the starter is a strong possibility. These Aisin starters have the solenoid mounted on the side. Two copper contacts are in there. When you turn the key, a plunger slides toward the contacts. A metal disc on the end of the plunger bridges the contacts, and the starter motor turns. I have fixed these starters on Toyotas and on my 99 Voyager. You can replace, or at least clean and bend, the copper terminals and clean up the disc on the end of the plunger. Last time this problem came on my Voyager I decided to spend less time and just buy a reconditioned starter. Not bad - maybe $80.

i went to advanced auto and they sold me a kit fo 45 dollars that worked great. a/c works great. id recommend to anyone with this problem

Did that kit contain lubricant for the compressor?
If not…that is not a good thing.

Well that is good news and hopefully that will be the end of the story. If the problem comes back there may be a small leak in the system that needs to be found and fixed.

Well it’s been about 2mths and all is well, hopefully it will last. cb

i finally broke down and replaced the starter, mama is good to go and excited that her van is runng good. thank you, cb