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2001 T&C Chrysler MiniVan

Occasionally I start my van, it seems to start fine, but soon after most all controlled accessories in the van, HVAC, radio, power steering (interesting combination) stop operating, but the van continues to run okay. Then close to 10 seconds later all is well and no problems. This only happens seconds after starting the van and only happens occasionally.

I think you have two problems. ! A weak return spring in the ignition switch, when the loss of accessories happens turn the key slightly back to the run position.
2 A corroded serpentine belt tensioner that isn’t putting enough pressure on the belt.

Thank you. I think you are right about the ignition not returning to the proper position, in fact the key can be pulled out at any point of the key’s full range of turning.
So would you say that it is the ignition starter switch or the Ignition Lock Cylinder that has the spring return componenet? I am assuming the Ignition Lock Cylinder.
Thanks in advance!

The lock cylinder has a problem since the key can be pulled out. There may be a problem with the switch contacts also.