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Chrysler minivan with intermittent starting problems

My daughter has a Chrysler minivan that’s about 8-10 yrs. old and at inconsistent times won’t start. She can drive it somewhere and then it won’t start when she wants to leave. This has also happened at the beginning of the day. They have put in a new starter and they also took it to a dealer and he couldn’t find out what was wrong.

She thought it was something that overheated because sometimes it would start after cooling off, but yesterday when the temperature was in the 90s it wouldn’t start.

Any ideas?

Sounds like it could be a crank sensor.Ihad one that done the same thing and that`s what it was.Good luck!

It doesn’t start; but, does it crank? If it cranks; but doesn’t start, swap the ASD relay with another. It might work. If it doesn’t, nothing lost. Come back and tell us about it, with greater detail.

i am having the same problem have you figured out, can you keep in in mind if you find out whats wrong