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'98 Camry Tail Lights

My 1998 Camry tail lights went out. I replaced the bulbs but they still do not work. I read about a sensor or relay in the trunk that has a history of burning out and causing the tail lights to stop working. Has anyone else experienced this?

Sure have! Not only in my Camry but other Camry’s

The module is located behind the left side trunk panel. It’ll be mounted to the support brace and is a plastic box about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Unplug the module and remove it. Remove the cover from the module and look at the small circuit board for burnt components. If any are found the module requires replacement.

Now, if you go to the dealer for this module be prepared for the price for this little box. Last I checked it $350.00. I aquired the modules from a U-PULL-IT-YARD. And when searching 80% of the Camry’s already had the modules pulled. That’s how common this problem is.


Wow. Thanks for information. I’ll check it out tonight. BTW, removing and replacing those tail lights bulbs is a PITA. My fingers are too big.

Not 100% sure, but I think that thing is probably something called a “Light Failure Sensor”, and that there might be an alarm light on the console if it fails … or not, Depends on how it fails. If I had trouble finding a replacement unit at a reasonable price, I’d look into a little creative jumpering at the socket to bypass the sensor entirely.

BTW there appears to be a 15 amp Stoplight fuse, possibly a taillight relay wired into the theft detection and a 10 amp tail light fuse all wired in series that also feed into this Rube Goldberg arrangement. If any of those fail, the tail lights probably will go out even if the module is still functioning. If I’m not misreading this wiring diagram, the difference would be that the fuses and relay will kill the lights above the rear license plate as well as the tail lights.