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1990 Toyota Camry taillight/brake light fuse keeps blowing

Hi all,

The taillight/dashboard light/brake light recently stopped working. I looked for the fuse in the fuse box (15a). I noticed it blew and replaced it. The lights worked however the brake light would never turn off. After about a day, I smelled a small burning and noticed the lights do not work again. What should i do? A mechanic told me i need a new “special/expensive” box. Can i fix this myself?

Thanks for your time!


Your mechanic is probably talking about the Rear Light Out module. And yes, these are expensive. But you can fix it yourself.

The module is located behind the left trunk panel. It’s a plastic box about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Unplug and remove the module. Remove the cover from the module and examine the solid state circuit board inside. You’ll probably find it burned up. To get a replacement module, go to a local auto recycler that will allow you to walk through their yard, and look in all the Camry’s you find. If you’re lucky you’ll find one with the module still there. And if you find more than one, take them all.

When I went hunting at the recycler and found these modules for my Camry, this part wasn’t on their price list. So they didn’t know what to charge me. Instead they let me have them for free. With the stipulation that they came with no warranty :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Tester! I will give it a shot.