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Camry Tail Fried

My wife thought she was doing a good deed when she replaced one of the brake/tail combo bulbs on our classic 1990 maroon Camry. Trouble is she used the wrong bulb. Sure enough two days later a neighbor tells us we have no tail lights. Checking things out, I see that the fuse is intact, the brake and license plate lights and front parking lights all work, but the tail lights are all out. I disconnected the assembly that holds the suspect light and one other, but the tail lights are still out, including with a new fuse. I’m afraid to bring it in to a shop, for fear of endless paid searching for a fried wire on a car that’s nearing its demise. Any suggestions?

Open the trunk and remove the left side trunk panel. Behind the panel you’ll find the rear light module. It’s about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Unplug the module and remove it. Remove the cover from the module and inspect the small circuit board inside for burnt components. If any are found the module requires replacing. Now, I would suggest that a replacement module be obtained from a local auto recycler if possible. Because this is a dealer only item, and you better be sitting down when they tell you the price.


Thanks a mil, tester! I popped out that puppy, found a burned spot where a wire hit the circuit board, no resistor(etc) involved. I soldered it up and presto. Thanks again! =st