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'98 Buick Lesabre

I am having problems with with the rear defroster and the a/c in my '98 Buick Lesabre, they went out at the same time, and I checked the fuses in the fuse box, and the meter says they are all good, the fan motor isn’t running either, and I think that they are all tied together. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thank you =)

Check the owners manual for other fuse boxes. Sometimes there are two in the passenger compartment and my Olds has them under the rear seat. There is also a fuse box under the hood but don’t believe any of those would affect these circuits. If the fuses are all good, I’m afraid it is to the shop to look for a bad ground wire or open someplace in the circuit. You’d need the schematic to see where it all ties together.