Air conditioner/car


FOR THE THIRD TIME: I have a 1995 Buick Lasabre, limited edition. When we turn the air on it only comes out at the floor and windshield, not at the luvores. Is it a fuse or what? Also the top radiator hose sucks shut & we did replace them. That’s it.


Check the vacuum lines. This car has vacuum lines under the dash that controls the flaps, and a vacuum leak will make the flaps return to the default position, which is in defrost mode. The vacuum comes from a single line running to the engine. There should be a check valve and a reservoir on the firewall on the driver’s side.


It’s not a fuse. There is a problem with the air distribution. The HVAC flaps are not moving as they should. BustedKnuckles is right. Do what he advised. Your problem is likely a vacuum leak somewhere.

The top radiator hose is a different problem. Not insignificant, but a different problem. I think you need to check the cooling system. Something is wrong.


The collapsed radiator hose could indicate (1) a stuck-closed thermostat, or (less likely) (2) blocked coolant flow in the engine block. The coolant flow on most cars is thus: coolant from the engine block flows through the thermostat, through the top radiator hose to the radiator, flows across the airstream and down to the opposite lower corner of the radiator, where another hose pipes it up to the water pump, which forces the coolant into the engine block. What I imagine is happening is that the thermostat is stuck closed, not letting coolant flow through the top hose and into the radiator. The water pump is therefore trying to suck coolant from the system, though none is getting in; the resulting partial vacuum is forcing the softest component (the radiator hose) to collapse. Check the lower radiator hose; the same collapse is probably happening to it.

The related problem is that if your thermostat is stuck closed or coolant flow is otherwise being obstructed, your car is probably overheating on a regular basis (or coming pretty damn close). That shortens the life of your engine, your oil, and risks catastrophic engine damage. Replace the thermostat and see if that solves your problem. Z