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97 VW Golf High pitch noise

My car was in for basic repairs. I had the distributor cap, spark plugs ect replaced. My car started to drive funny after a bad winter storm, it would start lugging right after I would shift gears, and would frequently die at stops. When it would die, it would not start or take a jump.

When I got my car back, the speedometer and tachometer would not work randomly. After a day or so there was a loud high pitch noise, sort of like the sound of an RC toy car. This noise is consistent whenever the car is on. While driving, freeway speeds and low speeds, in neutral ect; but would seem to increase when the rpms increase.

Some friends suggested the power steering pump. I was hoping to get your opinion. Is this something I could do myself with a chilton, or would I need a full diagnostic? Is it the power steering pump or a larger problem?

Thanks so much.