High pitch noise (video)

My engine bay started to make a high pitch noise after i came back from grocery’s, the only thing i did is turning on and of the wiper blades for 1 moment.
I parked the car by the next parking lot nearby and noticed the noise going silent when hitting the gas and coming back when stepping of the gaspedal.

It seems like it comes from between the alternator and throttle body injection.

The noise stopped and I drove home 8 miles and parked at the gas station were the noise came back . I sprayed a tiny amount wd40 at the acle of the alternator but the sound did not go away.
I dont know if its related but the fan turned on and i noticed at the dashboard my engine got hotter the normal 100 C.

I waited for my engine to cool down and drove home with my heater on full blast.

I noticed the throttle body has 2 tiny straw like hoses broken of. I dont know if any of this is related,

Are you driving a Peterbilt? Or a Trabant? Maybe a Cortina?

Tell us what this “thing” you are driving IS, year, make, model, miles on it, is the check engine light on, what engine it has and we’ll try and help.


Its a 1998 Opel Corsa B x14sz, engine light does not come on,
Noise does not go away after removing serpentine belt. 122.000 KM

My guess is water pump