Power steering pump pulley removal

How do you remove the pulley from the power steering pump. It has an allen insert in the middle, which I asume is a bolt.

Nope, they are friction fit so are removed and installed with a special puller. Best to just take it to an auto machine shop like at NAPA and have them swap the pulleys for $5-10.

If you can get it done for $5-10, you may as well go that route. If you want to do it yourself, you will need one of these: http://www.harborfreight.com/pulley-remover-and-installer-set-40749.html

A lot of the major chain auto parts stores have loaner tool sets (you buy then, use them, get a full refund in return). I’ve seen the power steering pulley tools among them. I’ve done this kind of thing a bunch of times. Its handy if you’re like me - have something like the PS pump off the car, so how would I drive it to a shop to get the special tool work?

What’s the big picture? Are you replacing the p/s pump & the new pump doesn’t have the pulley? You may need a pulley installation tool, or the new pump may come with a kind of nut & bolt installer that may or may not work.

Often the pulley must be pressed off to gain access to the mounting bolts. The pulley must be removed first to remove the pump. The tool that presses the pulley off is sold at all McParts stores and is a loaner at many. Installing the pulley on the new pump is more often a problem than removing it. The nut and bolt that karl sieger mentioned will work nearly as well as the tool but either require some patience.

use OTC 7185 & 7188 for removal and installation

Thanks for all the advise on the power steering pump pulley removal. It’s like Rod Knox typed, I need to get the pulley off to gain access to the mounting bolts. I am going to remove the heads, because I only have 35 & 40 lbs of compression on the center two cylinders on the left side. To do so, I have to get to those mounting bolts.

Does the pulley have holes in it? If so put a socket and extension through it instead of r&i the pulley

FYI, the allen hex in the middle of the shaft is in the end of the pump shaft and does not play a part in removing or installing the pulley. You can use an allen wrench to turn the shaft or hold it steady if you every had the unlikely need to do so. Farther in the hole you will find it is threaded for the use of the pulley installer.