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97 Regal Turn Signal Dillema

I have a 97 Buick Regal with turn signal issues. The left side will not flash but stays lit and the right side flashes fast. I have the problem isolated to the Daytime Running Light Module. (replaced turn signal stalk, flasher and bulbs). I ran a jumper wire bypassing the module and everything works as it should. Do I need to replace this module, $365 dealer only item, or can I simply bypass it without it messing anything else up. I don’t want my horn going off when I change the station on the radio. :slight_smile:

You can answer your own question better than anyone else. Install the jumper bypass and change radio stations. Check if the horn goes off.

Of course, you will also test all other electrical functions. I would imagine that there will not be any other glitches. If so you can continue to bypass module for as long as you wish, perhaps while checking the internet to see if you can find a used replacement.