2004 Buick Regal LS engine dies when turn signal

My 2004 Buick Regal LS sometimes dies when I turn the turn signal on. When this happens, all dashboard lights turn on and gauges turn on. The dealer has no solution. Neither does an independent repair facility. What could be causing this?

Someone else was up here recently with a very similar or same car/problem.

Here is that thread:

See esp. the solution posted by “Whopperdoodle”:

[i]"Found the problem. Grrr.

On my vehicle the PINK wire coming from the Ignition switch was only providing 8 volts DC instead of full battery voltage. So a load would cause a “brown out” that most people can identify with. A bad connection inside the switch.

Solution tp this problem: Replace the Igntion switch assy! (NOT the lock cylinder)

If you want to attempt it yourself, you’ll need a special E4 (inverted torx) to get the bolts out of the ignition switch. You can get a switch from a dealer or autozone, etc. for $100 or so."[/i]

At least one other poster noted a similar problem and pointed to the ignition switch and/or assembly.

Great!! Thank you very much. I will print this thread and take it to the dealer.