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Turn signal lights not working on a 1995 Buick Regal

Turn signal lights not working on a 1995 Buick Regal. I have replaced fuse & flasher but still didn’t solve problem.
Can anyone help. Thanks.

These had a problem with the multifunction switch occasionally. check the brake lights as well. Sometimes if you pull the turn signal switch towards you the turnsignals will work.
I had one of these cars a few years ago, twice the multifunction switch went bad. When it goes bad, occasionally the turnsignals stop working, and other times the turnsignals and the brake lights will stop working with exception to the one in the rear windshield.

Thanks for responding but my brakes work fine.

Not the brakes, the brake lights.
Have someone look at your brake lights when you press the brake pedal.

Thanks for responding, brake lights work even the small one on back dash.