Hose Identification, Behind Throttle Body on 2014 Acura TSX

I have a 2014 Acura TSX. 2.4 L engine, automatic transmission. I have noticed a slow coolant leak sense I have had the car as a new to me car.

When I was working on something today, I noticed this hose, and the classic white stains of dried coolant. However the hose clamp on it looks incredibly small. It is behind the throttle body. I followed it, and it seems to go back to the the four hose clamp. I know some cars have heated throttle bodies, where the coolant runs through the throttle body to warm it up. But this doesn’t appear to be part of the throttle body.

Anyone know what this hose is for?

I doubt it applies to a 2014, but my early 90’s Corolla has a coolant line going to the throttle body, used to increase idle rpm when engine cold to prevent stalling after initial start of the day. Maybe something like that still applies to a 2014.

Looks like the purge hose, number 9 in the parts diagram.

Hey great, thank you so much! So fuel vapors can leave a white residue once try? Should I try and replace this clamp because apparently it’s leaking. Not sure of the side effects if I don’t fix it and ignore it? I haven’t gotten an EVAP DTC yet.

Fuel vapors, hot engine, possible spark in a confine area. what could go wrong. :thinking: :rofl:

Something may have dripped on the manifold leaving the stains. A new clamp isn’t going to help, vacuum hoses normally don’t need clamps. It is not leaking, I wouldn’t try to fix it.

Are you certain that’s a fuel hose OP? Your original post suggested it was a coolant hose. Or are you now thinking it is the evap purge hose?