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Unknown EVAP Line

I have a 1998 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L and I cant seem to figure out where this mystery hose goes to that comes from the charcoal canister under the passenger fender. I know this year doesnt have a secondary air pump so I know it doesnt got to that. Can anyone help me out? Im ready to pull my hair out!

Looks like the purge line to me. If it is, it goes to a solenoid-operated valve that opens to allow the engine to inhale the fumes trapped in the charcoal canister.

Any dealership parts window guy can tell you. They’re usually happy to look it up.

I’m not sure, but this link might be helpful to you. By it’s name “evap return line”, the only thing I can think of where fuel and vapors would return to is their source, the fuel tank. So I expect that line heads back towards the fuel tank somehow or another.

To me, that line looks like an extension from the carbon canister’s atmospheric vents down to a low point under the body, so it shouldn’t be attached to anything except the body.

Open the hood, and there should be an emission’s sticker that reflects the EVAP system hoses and routing.