Pic: is this a location of a coolant leak?

i traced the hose back to the coolant reservoir and thats why i told my girlfriend the coolant is leaking. she took the car to a mechanic and he finished the job and charged her $320. the problem is that my girlfriend isnt a specific and detailed communicator and failed to point out the spot i pointed out to her as the possible source of leak. it looks to be a leak source to me? well she got the car back from the mechanic and that hose still looks the same?

Does the hose look the same ? How would we know since we did not see it before the mechanic worked on it . If it is leaking take it back , if not then just move on.

yes i posted on original thread that it looks the same. why would this mechanic give the car back with that hose looking exactly like in the pic? isnt that a leak?

The hose with the green locking tab on the end is the evap. purge line.
The hose with the yellow tape is the fuel line.
The part below the fuel line is a wiring harness that appears to be coated with oil. Wipe off the oil? Where is the oil leaking from? Is this something she wants to spend money repairing?

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here i recircled it since you cant tell what im talking about with only one thing looking clearly like a leak

Using capital letters on the web means you are yelling . Nevada is very knowledgeable so stop yelling at him.

That is not a hose.

It’s a wiring harness that has had something leak on it at some time.



i have video but it wont post. which totally limits some people on communicating. if someone cant understand me atleast watching the video would provide some understanding. i traced that leaky looking hose thing back to the coolant reservoir and in the video i follow from the hose attached to coolant reservoir all the way to where that leaky or oily looking hose is.

thank you. i thought all this time thats the hose coming from the coolant reservoir because if i follow the hose it seems to be from there.

vdo files come in many different formats. To post it here you probably have to convert your vdo to a u-tube format, then just post the u-tube web-link here. I’m of no help in how to do that though, never done it myself.

Looks like a wiring harness however it could be the PCV vent hose.
A closer look is needed.

What you circled is not a hose and nothing in your photo connects to the coolant reservoir.

If you brought the car in for a coolant leak repair I wouldn’t really be near any of the items in your picture.

What about telling us the year and modal (Chevy is a given) of that vehicle, someone might be able to help a little better, instead of yelling at people??

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You’re being belligerent and insulting

Yet you expect people to help you

That makes no sense

Please take the advice I offered several days ago


And, that is why I placed him on “ignore” status about 1 week ago.

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I’m just gonna say, I don’t let my wife or 23yo daughter deal with automotive repair stuff since I know more about it, I either take care of it or have already made all the arrangements to have it done for them, like my daughter is having new tires installed as I am posting this, all she had to do was take the car to the shop… And I can promise you that both of them know way more than the OP and my daughter has done lots of repairs herself with mine or her brothers supervision…

My point is, if you are so worried about your gf handling things of this nature and already know that she will screw it up, then it is your fault for not handling it yourself, or at least being heavily involved and talking to the repair shop…
Now my daughter will be the one handling all this stuff over her bf one day… lol


Going to get Flagged . Too bad we can’t send a message to the OP’s girl friend and say ’ run don’t walk while you can’.


Nevada and others explained that what was referred to as a hose was a wiring harness and that is why the cover for the wires was not replaced. The mechanic found a number of leaks to their credit. I think the story has a happ6 ending even though it cost $300. Could have been $1000 I& they replaced the wiring harness.

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Hopefully whatever was leaking now isn’t. It’s definitely possible to repair a leak without leaving any obvious visible signs a repair was done, other than it isn’t leaking anymore. Replacing the rubber washer on your garden hose attachment for example.

Very true, and in todays times when labor rates are pushing $200 and more an hour, the OP’s gf only paid $320, I mean it is not like they removed the engine or anything…