97 mustang v6 hard starting and dies in idle

Alright I bought a 97 mustang v6 for cheap, motor and trans are good.

Starting the car is always kindve hard as you have to try 2 or 3 times pumping the gas, and it sometimes dies after I get on it and then take it out of gear. It turns over normal and everything.

has good alternator/battery.

I have changed the fuel filter(old one was disgusting)

Cleaned the throttle

New spark plugs/wires

But at idle when I start it it’ll idle fine for a moment and if I give it gas and let off idle will drop and the car will try to die, the car has all the power and accelerates fine. Still hard to start, and will still die as I’m driving and come to a stop and take car out of gear.

Don’t know what else I could do to help the car run except a new fuel pump which I didn’t want to buy, or a new fuel line all together. Do y’all think this is probably the case?


The cheapest part you can throw at it is a new idle air control valve . . . and some of your symptoms match those of a bad iac

you can do that without getting into any diagnosis

If it fixes the problem, great. If not, at least it didn’t cost much, and then we can come up with a game plan

Just make sure you buy a decent aftermarket iac. The motorcraft iac will NOT come with a new gasket, whereas the aftermarket ones will come with that new gasket. Don’t buy store brand parts, though

let us know